Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Settling in....one month later

It's been one month since my husband and I moved to Colorado and I finally feel all settled into our new apartment. It's on the 10th floor and overlooks downtown Denver with a beautiful view of the clock tower, which has lights shining on it that change colors with the months. Right now they are shining Red, White, and Blue for the 4th of July...but in May it was all Pink! My fav!!

Even though I'm all settled in, sort of, I would be lying if I said that I wasn't homesick. It's the little things I miss. I miss my little grocery store 5 minutes away from my house, not that there are not great markets here...it's just a bit more difficult when you live downtown. I miss having a quiet night where I don't hear all the cars and random crazy people on street :). I miss having craft stores nearby...so far I haven't found any in downtown Denver. I guess people don't really do many crafts here, too many things to do outdoors to keep you busy I'm guessing. But most of all I miss my coffee dates with all my girl friends back home and my family. I miss spending my entire Saturday morning with my best friend just having coffee and talking about anything and everything. And I miss my Sunday night dinners with my Dad where my crazy little dog would play with his dog....the only other dog she gets along with. Now she barks at every dog we see. 

Although I feel homesick, I have tried my hardest to make our little apartment feel like home. I'm cooking more...cause the smells of homemade food always makes me feel more at home. I'm trying to do little things and make more of a schedule for myself to make it feel more like home and hopefully soon I will make more friends to have more coffee dates.

I'm not trying to feel sorry for myself or anything. Believe me, I feel so blessed and happy for this move. Everyday is a new and wonderful adventure and I can't believe God has made all my dreams come true. It truly is amazing and feel extremely blessed. And I'm sure in time...I will have more coffee dates again. It just takes time to settle in. In the mean time...here are some photos of our place. Hope you think it's cute :)

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