Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall in Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff, of my favorite towns in Arizona. If only I could live there! The vibe of the town, the four season weather, and the constant sites of nature make me want to pick up my life here in Phoenix and just simply move....leaving responsibilities of my upside down house, work, and so much more. I dream of a life with my husband and one day future children. I fantasize about leaving this big city and living in a town where I would shop in the unique cute boutiques, hike and bike through the urban trail, photograph fall colors and fresh fallen snow, and listen to summer thunderstorms on my make-believe porch while eating a rocky road ice-cream cone. I know if we ever did get the chance my husband would gladly pick up everything and go! However, I must stop dreaming and realize that for now I live in Phoenix and need to try to enjoy what this city has to offer. At least Flag is only two hours away from my home and in the autumn I can go and easily enjoy a true fall day. Here are some photos taken on a drive on a forest road in Flagstaff. Happy Fall!!!

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  1. These are beautiful, wish i was there with you right now....