Saturday, February 23, 2013

Love of Flowers

Here is another post with some of my photography of flowers. Some of these were taken in Portland (a city I dream of living in one day), some in Arizona, some in Hawaii and in Victoria Island, Canada. Hope you enjoy and if you would like a print of any of my photographs on this blog, please e-mail me for further information and pricing at Thanks and have an enchanting day!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Girl Just Needs Flowers Sometimes

In spirit of Valentines Day, I wanted to share some photos I have taken of flowers from some of the different places I've visited that I've been so very blessed to see. Flowers are some of my favorite things to have in my house and garden (although the garden looks a bit sad right now). I especially love when my husband brings them home for no reason, what girl wouldn't? Anyways, every time we visit a new place you can easily find me snapping photos of flowers. I have been known to even make Travis pull over on the side of a mountain highway so I can take a "quick" picture of a flower. Hope you enjoy and let me know which are your favorite, if you like. Happy Valentines Day!