Saturday, July 28, 2012

Snapshot Saturday

This week I passed my RD exam and am now officially a Registered Dietitian!!! Yippie!!! I spent two weeks straight studying for about 7 - 10 hours a day and it finally payed off. It was probably one of the hardest exams I have ever studied for, but I'm so happy it is over and my long journey of trying to become an RD is finally finished! To celebrate I wanted to post a picture with flowers. Flowers always bring a smile to my face and I always feel so at peace when I am around them. This photo was snapped at the Boyce Thompson Arboretum about 45 minutes outside of Phoenix metro area. This is one of favorite places to go because no matter what the season, they always have flowers. Enjoy!

Cleo and I enjoying all the plants at the Arboretum


  1. Hello Heather,
    What materials did you use to study for the exam? I am RD eligible and am waiting to take the test because I've been told it is really tricky. I would appreciate any advice you could give me!


    1. Hi!

      I used the Inman review only. I read through it about three or four times a month before I decided to take the exam. If I didn't understand any of the information in it, I would then look back in my text books to understand it further. The test is a bit tricky and my advice would be to go with your gut on the test questions and don't over think the questions too much. Good luck and feel free to ask any other questions!