Thursday, March 15, 2012

My dietetic Internship

So, I know this is only my second post..but I wanted to share my experiences so far of being a dietetic intern. 

Well, I'm always and completely tired. I thought the work it took to get here was hard...but this is so much harder. The homework never ends and I usually don't get to bed until midnight and I start to doubt why I am doing this. But then it's days like today, during my community rotation, that I remember I am doing this because I love helping people. I have recently been involved in several projects that are bringing nutritional education to those that would normally not hear this information. People were so grateful and appreciative to hear this information. This new information seemed to really make a difference, that it rejuvenates me and reminds this is why I want to be an RD! 

Oh, and a picture like this always helps to give me energy as well :)