Thursday, July 18, 2013

Good bye Phoenix....hello, Colorado!

Moving to Colorado! What a whirlwind of an adventure these last two months have been. We found out we were going to move one week before a vacation to Napa Valley, which I will post pics of soon. My husband’s company was offering him a relocation package to Denver, Colorado. We couldn’t pass up on this offer! We had been dreaming and talking about moving since we met. We decided not to cancel our vacation as we figured we would likely need this one-week of relaxation before craziness begins.

After our trip we came home and immediately started packing, booked a plane trip the next weekend to scout out places to live, and I put in my notice at work that I would be leaving. I was sad to leave my job, family, and friends, but overjoyed with the realization that our dream of moving was finally coming true!

On our way up to Denver, we passed through a small town called Trinidad, Colorado. I couldn’t help but take photos of this adorable little place. I loved that they even had the town name on their street bricks. I actually grabbed a loose one off the street to place in our apartment….ssshhh, don’t tell J Anyways, below are some of my photography of this town. Hope you enjoy and as always if you would like any prints please e-mail me for pricing at

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