Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Weekend Adventures

 It's been a bit of time since my last post, but today I wanted to post some pictures of some small day trips that Travis and I have been adventuring on around our new home. Colorado is amazingly beautiful and I feel like I can never snap enough photographs where-ever we go. My camera is always clicking and I'm constantly telling Travis "Hold on, I want to take a picture" and away I go running into a field or up a hill to take a photo. Travis is so patient and usually waits for me, with Cleo, until I'm satisfied. I don't think I've ever heard him complain once when I make us wait in the rain for 10 minutes just so I can get the "perfect shot," which is something I did quite a bit during our day trip to Breckenridge a couple of weeks ago. 

The photographs below are first of seven falls, which is near Colorado Springs, where we hiked to the top of water falls up I think 500 stairs! We also hiked around and fed the little chipmunks which will come right up to you begging for food. They are so cute! The next set are of Breckenridge, a very cute skiing town, which Travis and I are thinking may be our next home. :) Both of these places are about 2 hours from our apartment, so they made nice little day trips. I can't wait to explore more as our life here in Colorado is just beginning.

Select images and photographs will also be available on Etsy soon. And if you ever want something custom ordered feel free to e-mail me at heathergauthier02@gmail.com. I can put any image on canvas of almost any size and I can always print them any size photographic fine-art paper for framing as well. 

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that continue to come back and check out the blog, Travis is making me a whole new design that I can't wait to share once it's all programmed. And there may even be a place where you can buy prints right from the site ;)  

Colorado Springs - Seven Falls - Garden of the Gods

Breckenridge, Colorado

And thank-you for stopping by and supporting me in my journey of exploring photography :)